About Us

“Be the change you want to see”


The Organic movement began about 25 years ago in the developed countries. We are just about catching up here in India.


Better late than never right? Late or not - India is waking up to a health aware lifestyle. At Dial Organic, we aim bring together all products available under the organic banner to you in a single shop destination.


We are persistent with our Indian Values & hence we are keen promoters of Indian products. All products that you see on our website will are Indian make.


Only third party certified products will make it to our shelves. Worry not!

So go ahead & shop worry free. Shop More, Save Greens!



About the Founder


An MBA & CS by education, 'A Balanced Life' has always been my mantra. I'm passionate about anything I do & once I make up my mind on something - I give It my all !!
My work experience pans from Pantaloons & Aditya Birla in Retail to a fairly long Digital stint in Reliance Broadcast Network. My family is centre of my life & My work is my fervour.


I'm a multi- tasker & easily bore with a single activity. At heart, I'm a designer, gardener & at best - a cook.

Dial Organic is my personal venture and I'm putting forth the best of my education, work & personal skills.


I've spent the last year working with farmers, organic manufacturers & traders to ascertain not only that natural is better - that's established by many reports across the world now - but also that the products that are put out are 'Natural' & as close to the pure form of nature we can expect as consumers.

Let’s all join the Green Lifestyle movement & enrich the lives of our families together!