Vista Nutrition Acai Peak 250 mg- 240 capsules

Vista Nutrition Acai Peak 250 mg- 240 capsules

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Found in South America, the Acai berry dietary supplement is a fruit that comes from the Acai palm.
 During laboratory studies at the University of Florida, scientists also found that extracts from the Acai berry helped to kill leukemia cells.
Known as a nutritious "super food," the Acai berry is a powerful antioxidant with natural flavonoids.* Acai supports overall well-being by helping to fight against the cell-damaging free radicals that can affect the heart, joints, eyes, skin and immune system.
•   Brought to you directly from the rain forests of Brazil
•   Antioxidant power contributes to overall health*
•   Rapid release liquid softgels disperse quickly into your system.
How do acai berries support health?
•Consumption of acai juice or pulp by healthy human volunteers has been shown to cause a significant increase in plasma antioxidant activity.
•Scientific evidence has shown that acai extract possessed noticeable activity against superoxide, and highest activity of any food reported to date against the peroxyl radical, when measured by the oxygen radical absorbance capacity assay (ORACFL).

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